Orchid GPU cluster

This article provides preliminary details on the new JASMIN Orchid GPU cluster.

How to request access to Orchid

Access to the GPU cluster is controlled by being a member of the Slum account 'orchid'. You can request access to Orchid via the link below which will direct you to the ORCHID service page on the JASMIN accounts portal:


Note: In the supporting info on the request form, please provide details on the software and the workflow that you will use/run on the GPU cluster (or the interactive GPU node)

How to test a GPU job

Testing a job on the JASMIN Orchid GPU cluster can be carried out in an interactive mode by launching a pseudo-shell terminal SLURM job from a JASMIN scientific server e.g. sci2:

@sci2 ~]$ srun --gres=gpu:1 --partition=orchid --account=orchid --pty /bin/bash
srun: job 24096593 queued and waiting for resources
srun: job 24096593 has been allocated resources
@gpuhost016 ~]

The GPU node gpuhost016 is allocated for this interactive session on LOTUS

Note that for batch mode, a GPU job is submitted using the SLURM command 'sbatch':

$ sbatch --gres=gpu:1 --partition=orchid --account=orchid gpujobscript.sbatch

or by adding the SLURM directive  #SBATCH --partition=orchid and #SBATCH --account=orchid,  #SBATCH  --gres=gpu:1 in the preamble of the job script file 

Note 1:   gpuhost015 and gpuhost016are the two largest nodes with 64 CPUs and 8 GPUs.   
Note 2:  CUDA Version: 11.6 

Note 3: The SLURM batch queue  'orchid' has a maximum runtime of 24 hours and the default runtime is 1 hour. The maximum number of CPU cores per user is limited to 8 cores. If the limit is exceeded then the job is expected to be in a pending state with the reason being  QOSGrpCpuLimit

GPU interactive node

There is also an interactive GPU node  gpuhost001.jc.rl.ac.uk (same spec as Orchid) that you can ssh into it from the JASMIN login server to prototype and test your GPU code prior to using the batch GPU cluster Orchid

@login1 ~]$ ssh -A gpuhost001.jc.rl.ac.uk
@gpuhost001 ~]$

Software Installed on the GPU cluster (to be updated)

- CUDA drivers 10.1, and CUDA libraries 10.0, 10.1  and 11.4

- CUDA DNN (Deep Neural Network Library) 

- NVIDIA container runtime (see notes below) 

- NGC client (GPU software hub for NVIDIA) 

- Singularity 3.7.0 - which supports NVIDIA/GPU containers

- SCL Python 3.6

The SLURM batch queue is 'orchid' with Maximum runtime of 24 hours and the default runtime is 1 hour 

GPU cluster spec

The JASMIN GPU cluster is composed of 16 GPU nodes. Fourteen standard GPU nodes with four GPU Nvidia A100 GPU cards each and two large GPU nodes with eight Nvidia A100 GPU cards:

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