Postgres databases on request

This article explains that users may request access to a PostgreSQL (known as Postgres) database on JASMIN for use with scientific workflows, including:

  • An overview of the user database service
  • How to request a Postgres database for use on JASMIN
  • Restrictions and limitations

An overview of the user database service

There are a large number of different workflows on JASMIN and it is common for users to require access to persistent storage.  In some cases, it is appropriate for users to save information in a relational database. Examples might be to delete/update/create data records (when working with small results) or to store the success/failure of batch tasks (running on LOTUS).

To meet this need, a user database service is available on request. The service provides secured access to a Postgres database that is accessible from the interactive and batch compute nodes on JASMIN. An individual user, or group of users, can be issued with login credentials to enable read and/or write access to the databases.

How to request a Postgres database for use on JASMIN

In order to request a Postgres database from the user database service, please ensure you have a JASMIN Login account and then send a message to the JASMIN Helpdesk ( You should include the following information in your message:

  • state that you would like a user database set up
  • JASMIN user ID
  • Postgres details: database name, database user account name
  • the expected size of the database (fully populated)
  • machines (inside JASMIN) from which you would like to contact the database
  • If you require backups of the database to be made. 

Postgres extensions

The Postgres installation includes the following extension:

  • PostGIS


By default we make daily backups of the databases, which are kept for a week. We keep a weekly backup for a month and a monthly backup for 6 months. These intervals may be subject to change, so if you have particular concerns about backups please let us know. If your database is particularly large we may either make less frequent backups or not make backups at all. We will discuss any particular backup requirements you may have when we set up your database. 

You should contact the JASMIN Helpdesk ( to request access to previous backups.

Restrictions and limitations

Please note that the following restrictions and limitations apply to the user database service:

  • We cannot provide training in SQL or the use of relational databases: please ensure that you have the appropriate experience before requesting access.
  • There is a size limit on the server and the disk that the user databases are housed on: if you expect to store many GBs of data then please discuss this with the JASMIN Team.
  • The database cannot be made accessible outside the JASMIN firewall: it is intended to support applications and workflows that take place inside JASMIN.
  • The database should not be considered as a long-term data store: you should migrate any content elsewhere if you intend to keep it for the medium or long term.

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