Hands-on workshop - training materials

The CEDA team regularly run hands-on interactive training workshops for users of JASMIN. The workshop makes use of exercises and tutorials to help users to become familiar with the JASMIN environment. 

There are two types of workshop activities; exercises (ex) and tutorials (t). Exercises are interactive task-based activities based on different common scenarios of using JASMIN. Whereas tutorials provide in-depth explanations and demonstrations (but are not interactive). All workshop resources are freely available on GitHub and have supporting videos on YouTube

Anyone can complete the exercises in their own time with the resources linked, but joining an in-person workshop is a great chance for you to interact with the team, to discuss your research needs, and to provide feedback on the JASMIN service. Details about future workshops will be advertised on the CEDA events page - these are currently being run virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Most of the exercises are stand-alone and do not necessarily need to be completed in order - however, if you are a new user, then we recommend you follow the exercises in order as it will help to explain the general workflows that you may encounter on JASMIN. 

Note: If you are using the materials individually (outside of an organised workshop event) then you will need to use your own JASMIN account and a group workspace which you already belong to, rather than the training accounts, and workshop group workspace, respectively. Instead of the workshop LOTUS queue, please use the test queue in this case.

Overall aims of the workshop: 
  • To engage novice to intermediate users in best practice for working on JASMIN via hands-on exercises
  • To increase understanding about:
    • which parts of JASMIN are suited for different tasks
    • available software on JASMIN
  • To provide a face-to-face environment where the JASMIN Team can offer support and feedback on a range of issues/problems
  • To gather feedback on the gaps in current provision of documentation

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