LOTUS cluster specification


LOTUS is a cluster of over 500 hosts and 13000 CPU cores. A host/node is an individual computer in the cluster with more than 1 processor. Each host belongs to a specific host group. The number of processors (CPUs or cores) per host is listed in Table 1 with the corresponding processor model and the size of the physical memory RAM per host.

To select a host with a specific processor model and memory, add the following SLURM directive in your job script #SBATCH --constraint="<host-group-name>" 

For example  #SBATCH --constraint="skylake348G"

Table 1.  LOTUS  cluster summary: 13000 CPU cores  (Note: LOTUS nodes of node type epyctwo1024 are not available yet on the par-multi queue)

Host group name Number  
of hosts
Processor model  CPUs  
per host 
ivybridge128G  193   Intel Xeon E5-2650-v2 "Ivy Bridge"  16  128 GB 
haswell256G    12  Intel Xeon E5-2650-v3 "Haswell"  20  256 GB 
broadwell256G    56  Intel Xeon E5-2640-v4 "Broadwell"  20  256 GB 
ivybridge512G    16  Intel Xeon E5-2650-v2 "Ivy Bridge"  16  512 GB 
ivybridge2000G     2  Intel Xeon E7-4860-v2 "Ivy Bridge"  48  2048 GB 
skylake348G  128  Intel Xeon Gold-5118 "Skylake"  24  348 GB 
epyctwo1024G   43  AMD 48  1024 GB