JASMIN software FAQs

Why do I have to load/activate a software environment?

We have a range of different users on JASMIN who work on many different projects. Each project has its own software requirements and timeline. By providing multiple software environments (such as Python2.7 and Python3.7) we can support a wider range of users on the same platform. Since we do not assume a "standard" environment it is up to the user to "load" (or "activate") a software environment before usage. This is typically done by using: "module load <environment>". See the overview page for more details.

How do I set Python 3 as my default?

If you want your JASMIN sessions to automatically use Python3 then append this line to the end of your "$HOME/.bashrc" file:

module load jaspy/3.7

How do I set the "jasmin-sci" environment as my default?

If you want your JASMIN sessions to automatically know about the packages in the "jasmin-sci" environment then add this line to the end of your "$HOME/.bashrc" file:

module load jasmin-sci

How do I activate a combination of Jaspy and "jasmin-sci" environments together?

If you want to activate (or load) both the current Jaspy and the "jasmin-sci" environments at the same time, use:

module load jasmin-sci
module load jaspy

What is the plan for the future of Jaspy and "jasmin-sci" environments?

We have moved over to using Conda as the primary tool for building and deploying software environments. The Jaspy environments are all Conda-based and make use of the significant community efforts supporting scientific computing such as the "conda-forge" repositories. For some packages, not available through Conda, we have also created the "jasmin-sci" environment. Ideally, we would like to move to a Conda-only solution in order to simplify both the management and user perspectives.

Can I install my own Conda environment?

If you need to install a set of packages that are not provided in Jaspy or the "jasmin-sci" environment then you can create your own Conda installation. It is important to note that this will not be compatible with the Jaspy environments and please take note of the FAQ below: "Where should I install software environments on JASMIN?".

Where should I install software environments on JASMIN?

If you need to install your own software environment(s) on JASMIN then we strongly advise that you install it on one of the SSD file systems:

  • Under your $HOME directory - if you are the only user who needs access.
  • Within a "small files" Group Workspace - if you wish to share the environment with other JASMIN users.

Is MATLAB available on JASMIN?

No, MATLAB is not one of our supported software packages and is not installed on JASMIN. As a result, we are not able to provide support for MATLAB-related issues.