Quickstart for activating/deactivating software environments

This article provides a minimum quick-start guide for working with software environments on JASMIN.

Activate (load) an environment

To activate an environment containing the "current" common software packages (including a modern Python):

module load jaspy

To activate additional packages (known as "jasmin-sci"):

module load jasmin-sci

To activate an environment containing Python2.7:

module load jaspy/2.7

Deactivate (unload) an environment

If you want to deactivate an environment that you have previously activated, do:

module unload <env-id>

Where "<env-id>" is the name used when you activated the environment.

Which environment(s) should you use?

If you are not sure which environment(s) to use please see details on the overview of Jaspy and "jasmin-sci" environments page.

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