CentOS7 Login, Sci and Xfer servers

This article describes briefly the new CentOS7 versions of the 3 familiar types of JASMIN server which are available to users and should now be used instead of the older jasmin-*.ceda.ac.uk servers which have now been retired, as part of the CentOS7 migration plan. There are now: 

  • CentOS7 Login servers
  • CentOS7 Scientific analysis (sci) servers
  • CentOS7 Data transfer (xfer) servers 

Login servers

The new CentOS7 login (bastion or gateway) servers are available to access resources within JASMIN (CentOS7). Users with the  jasmin-login access role can access the following servers using SSH:

Table 1: Centos7 Login servers

Login server name

See also NX login servers which are part of the graphical linux desktop service.

The above servers are functionally the same as their  predecessors  jasmin-login1.ceda.ac.uk ,  cems-login1.cems.rl.ac.uk which have now been retired. You should now use as the new servers as your default route into JASMIN. Additional servers in this series will follow in due course.
As before, these login servers provide a table displayed at login showing the list of available sci servers and their current load and number of logged-in users. Please make use of these to select the most appropriate sci server.

Further details of the login servers can be found here.

Scientific analysis servers

New CentOS7 Scientific analysis servers are now available (see  Table 2). These can be used by users with the jasmin-login access role to test workflows/tasks that:

  1. Use the new software environments
  2. Do not make use of the software /apps/contrib (which has only been tested for RHEL6 operating systems)
  3. Do not make use of the software available under the module environment (which has only been tested for RHEL6 operating systems) except the modules jaspy and jasmin-sci
  4. A job submitted to the new batch scheduler SLURM will run on a CentOS7 node in the LOTUS cluster. 

Table 2: List of CentOS7 Scientific analysis servers

Server name

Further details of the sci servers can be found here.

Transfer servers

New CentOS7 transfer (xfer) servers are now available (see Table 3). These can be used by users with the  jasmin-login access role and are functionally the same as their predecessors.

Table 3: Centos7 xfer servers

Transfer server name    
xfer3.jasmin.ac.uk (special access rules similar to login2, but requires additional access role, apply here)
hpxfer[12].jasmin.ac.uk (physical, high-performance transfer servers, require hpxfer access role)

Further details of the xfer servers can be found here.

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