Reconfirm JASMIN account email address

This article describes how to reconfirm the email address associated with your JASMIN account.

For security reasons, this is a process which you will be asked to repeat annually.

Once a year, you will receive an email asking you to reconfirm your email address. You will receive reminders to do this 2 months, 2 weeks and finally 2 days before the required date. Once you are within 2 months of the required date, you can carry out the steps below at any time within before the required date: the sooner the better.

  1. Visit your profile at the JASMIN Accounts Portal If you are already signed in you can get to your profile by following the link to "My JASMIN Account", otherwise you will be automatically taken to your profile when you sign in.
  2. Click the “Confirm now” button in your JASMIN profile to request that an email containing a confirmation link is sent to your email address. If this button is not visible and instead you see the message "confirmed" next to your email address:
    this indicates that your email address has already been confirmed and no further action is necessary.
  3. Wait for the email to arrive, then click on the special one-time link within it. You need to complete this step within the time limit specified in the email (2 days). If the link has expired, you can repeat step 2 to generate a new link.
  4. Once you have successfully completed the process, your account profile page will be updated with a message confirming this.
  5. Look out for the reminder email in 10 months' time inviting you to re-confirm again.

If you don’t complete the process before the required date, you may find that your account is suspended along with privileges attached to the account (e.g. access to group workspaces etc). However, neither your account nor any of your data be deleted, so please get in touch with the helpdesk to restore your access if this should happen.

Please also contact the helpdesk if:

  • You know that you will be away from access to your institutional email for a significant period (e.g. 1 year)
  • You need to change your email address

You cannot update the email address yourself, since a change of institution may affect your eligibility to some JASMIN services. See here for details of how to update other aspects of your JASMIN account.

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