Additional software packages (under: /apps/jasmin/)

This article provides details of additional packages that exist under the `/apps/jasmin/` directory which is available on all scientific analysis servers and on the LOTUS batch cluster on JASMIN.

The `/apps/jasmin/` directory has been provided as a home for additional software packages that are not installed within either Jaspy or "jasmin-sci" environments. This page details which packages are available along with details of how they are managed and accessed.

Community packages under: /apps/jasmin/

Software installed as community packages are provided, and maintained, by developers outside the CEDA/JASMIN Team. If you have queries about using community packages on JASMIN then please contact the JASMIN Helpdesk and we will forward them to the team that supports that specific package on JASMIN.


The Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool) is a community diagnostics and performance metrics tool for the evaluation of Earth System Models (ESMs) that allows for routine comparison of single or multiple models, either against predecessor versions or against observations. See the ESMValTool on JASMIN page for more info.

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