How to contact us about JASMIN issues

If you are experiencing difficulties or slow performance and are unsure why, please first consult all relevant documentation, then if needed, contact our helpdesk but please include the following information with your initial query:

  • What is the full name of the JASMIN server were you using? ( e.g.
  • The full path of your current working directory  e.g. /gws/nopw/j04/mygws
  • Date & time that the issue occurred
  • Your JASMIN account username
  • Your description of the issue and any error messages
  • Location of code/script used - if possible, so one of the CEDA/JASMIN team can reproduce the issue
  • A batch job ID if it relates to LOTUS jobs

Please provide as much specific information as possible so that we can direct your query to the appropriate staff and deal with your enquiry efficiently. Hopefully, the time invested in solving your issue will also help other JASMIN users now and in the future.

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