Provisioning a Sci VM in a Managed Cloud Tenancy

This article is for an admin and a manager of a JASMIN managed-cloud tenancy based Sci. It illustrates how to set up a sci VM within a JASMIN managed-cloud tenancy. It involves the following:

  • Becoming a member of a managed cloud tenancy
  • Provisioning a VM 

The tenancy-based sci has four access roles:

  • Manager role: can approve Deputy, ADMIN and USER roles access requests
  • Deputy manager role:  can approve ADMIN and USER roles access requests
  • ADMIN role: can access the cloud portal and can restart the Sci VM
  • USER role: can SSH into the Sci VM

Manager, Deputy Manager and ADMIN  have access to the JASMIN cloud portal

Apply for access to the tenancy-based Sci

See here for instructions about applying for access to the USER and ADMIN roles to a managed-cloud tenancy via the JASMIN accounts portal.

Note: Click "Join a JASMIN Cloud tenancy". This will take you to the JASMIN accounts portal page displaying the Cloud tenancies which are under the unmanaged cloud. 

1. Access the tenancy

Once you have been granted access by the tenancy as an admin, you should log in to the JASMIN cloud portal

You will be presented with the "Dashboard" page -below-  showing the tenancies you have access to. On the Dashboard, select the organization representing the tenancy to find out the VM provisioned within a given tenancy,   e.g ncas-sci-M

Note: The " ncas -sci-M" shown below has 0 machines as this is a new tenancy. We will proceed next to the provision of a virtual machine.

2. Provision a virtual machine

Step 1: Select "Machines" from the top menu, then click "New machine" to create a new VM. Choose a name for the new VM.  Then select a size from the drop-down menu which shows the catalog of VM template size. For example, select "j4.large" which allocates 8 CPUs and 32GB of RAM resources for the new VM

The VM ncas-sci1 is created and it is running as shown below.

Step 2: Attach an external IP to the new VM by clicking "Actions" and selecting "Attach external IP". Note that you can restart the VM from the "Actions" menu.

Step 3: Select an external IP address 

The external IP address is

Step 4:  Click "Attach IP"

Important note: As ADMIN and MANAGER of a tenancy based SCI VM, you should note the "External IP" as this is the IP address you will need to provide to your users in order for them to connect to the machine via SSH using the JASMIN login server   jasmin uk.  

Step 5:  An overview of the resources used by the VM is shown below 

Note 1: Only ADMIN and MANAGER roles have access to the JASMIN cloud portal and can provision VMs. ADMIN and MANAGER roles of a tenancy based Sci will not be granted root access. 

Note 2:  ADMIN and MANAGER roles will not allow you to SSH into the Sci VM. It is necessary to have a USER role to do so.

3. Connect to Sci analysis VMs

From, login to the machine using the External IP. In the same way, as you login to a JASMIN scientific server via jasmin-login1 or other login bastion machine. Your initial connection to JASMIN from your local machine needs to have your SSH key loaded in your SSH authentication agent, and you must have SSH Agent Forwarding enabled. With command-line SSH clients, this is the -A option. See also how to login.

Note that although your new VM has a local hostname (in this example,, this is NOT registered in any Domain Name Service (DNS) by default, so you need to connect to the machine using its External IP address, not the name. You should log on using your JASMIN username.

Finally,  remember to enable SSH agent forwarding with the -A option. 

Note: Users should report issues to the ADMIN and/or MANAGER of the tenancy based SCI VM.