Update a JASMIN account

This article shows you how to update an active JASMIN account on the JASMIN accounts portal:

Update your SSH public key 

First, you need to generate a new SSH key pair as described here: Generate an SSH key pair. This should be done on your local machine (e.g. Windows / Linux / Mac). You MUST protect your key with a strong passphrase. Then follow step 1 to step 5 to update your SSH public key

Step 1: You need to login to your JASMIN accounts portal https://accounts.jasmin.ac.uk and then click on your username (at the top right corner of the page) to drop down the menu

Step 2: Select "Profile". This will take you to the following page where you can update your personal information and your SSH key

Step 3: On the profile page  shown above) select "Update  key " which is next to the "SSH Public Key" field. JASMIN accounts portal will send you a validation token to your registered email address. 

Step 4:  Enter the validation token,  delete the old SSH public key and  paste the new SSH public key. Then click "Update SSH key" see below

Step 5:  A message confirming that SSH public key was updated is displayed on the profile page. Note: Please allow 15 minutes before the new SSH key becomes active on the JASMIN system and then attempt to login to JASMIN. 

If  you get the message "not a valid ssh public key" please check that you have copied the text from the ".pub" file and that no newline characters are include. The public key should be a single line of text with no newline characters. It can be difficult to see this as the text automatically wraps itself to fit in the text box.

Update info

Step 1: On the profile page, select "Update info". This will take you to the following page where you can update your name, discipline, and degree.

Note: You can not update your email address and institution because a change of institution may affect your eligibility for all JASMIN services.  If you are moving institution but maintaining your eligibility for all your JASMIN services,  please   contact us to update these fields.

Note: If your profile contains a red button "Confirm now" next to the email field, you need to re-confirm your email address (this is a process which you will be asked to repeat on an annual basis). If you have successfully completed this process, you should see a green "confirmed" label as shown above.

Step 2: Once the discipline and degree are updated, click "Update profile"

Step 3: from step 2 you will be taken to the updated profile page 

Change password

Step 1:  Select "Change password" from the drop-down menu at the top right corner where your JASMIN account username is displayed.

Step 2:  Enter the new password which must contain at least 9 characters and is not a commonly used password. Re-enter the new password for confirmation. Then click "Change password"

Linking your CEDA account

Linking your CEDA account to your JASMIN account allows you filesystem access to data on CEDA Archive. If you need to access data on the CEDA Archive and you do not have an account, you will need to apply for a CEDA account

Step 1: On the profile page, select "Link now" which is opposite to the field "Linked CEDA Account". This will take you to the CEDA accounts portal page where you need to login.

Step 2 : You will be directed to the page below to authorise JASMIN accounts portal to link your CEDA account and read CEDA profile information. 

Step 3: Your "Linked CEDA Account" field  on your JASMIN account profile page will be updated as "Linked with <JASMIN username>" as shown below

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