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There are two different scans of the Group Workspaces (GWSs). 

  • A daily scan which checks for how full the GWS is, and will email the GWS manager if it is over the default threshold of 83%, or a defined threshold in the GWS config file (see below).
  • An approximately fortnightly check of the contents of all GWSs. 

As a GWS Manager you will receive e-mails summarising the usage and contents of the GWS. By default this is a simple volume level summary of the GWS.  

If you wish for additional directories to be scanned and summarised please add these to the {GWS_PATH}/.gws_scan/config.ini, where {GWS_PATH} is the path to your group workspace (the directory and the file may need to be created). Directories can also be excluded from the scan in the same way. This can be useful for speeding up the run time of a scan. Here is an example of a config.ini file.

(Please note that the required directory is .gws_scan, not .gws_scanner - the latter is from the previous incarnation of the scanner, and are being removed in due course)

# GWS fullness threshold for which the daily scan will send a warning email (default 83) (in %)
volume_warning_threshold = 83
# Directories to check for largest sub-dir and filetypes below (comma separated list), these paths must be relative to the group workspace path i.e. path/to/dir, not /group/workspace/path/to/dir
  # Defaults to all top level directories inside volume
dirs = dir1,path/to/dir2
# Directories to exclude from the scan. This can be useful to speed up the scan if there are know directories with a large number of files, for which the scan information is not very useful
excl_dirs = path/to/excl, large_dir
# Filetype extensions to count inside directories above (comma separated list)
  # Defaults to none
exts = html,py,js

dirs and excl_dirs can have the * wildcard anywhere in the directory path. From the config above for example: path/to/*, and p*h/to/dir2 would pick up the directory /path/to/dir2, and any other directories which matched the pattern.

Please don't comment out the arguments. If you don't want to us one just leave it blank, this will then just use the internal defaults. E.g.

volume_warning_threshold =
dirs = 
excl_dirs =
exts =

When the fortnightly scan runs it sends the output to the GWS manager as an email, which looks like this: 

Group Workspace Report for: {GWS_PATH}

Scan Details

Time most recent scan started: 16/04/2019 - 10:15:57
Time most recent scan finished: 16/04/2019 - 12:25:27
Duration of most recent scan (h:m:s): 2:09:29
Scan Complete: True

Usage Details

Filesystem: fuse.quobyte
Total Storage: 199.2 TiB
Used Storage: 81.8 TiB
Free Storage: 117.4 TiB
Usage: 42%

Directory Details

To get information about specific directories within this volume, please add the relative paths to the volume config file (.gws_scan/config.ini) - see

Directory Total Files Total Size Sub-directory with most files Files in this Sub-directory
all_dirs 238336 81.8 TiB {GWS_PATH}/dir1/example/path 7929
.gws_scanner 0 0.0 B None 0
0 0.0 B {GWS_PATH}/dir1/example/path 0

Filetype Details

To get information on the quantity and size of specific filetypes under the directories above, please add the relevant file extensions to the volume config file (.gws_scan/config.ini) - see

No filetypes requested

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