Sharing GWS directories with people outside the GWS (on JASMIN)

This article explains how a GWS Manager can organise for some directories within her GWS to be shared with other users on JASMIN. Note that this only applies to other users with JASMIN login accounts. If you need to share data with users outside JASMIN please consider the HTTP option

How to share specific directories

Sometimes it is useful to share the contents of specific directories within your GWS with other users on JASMIN (that do not have access to your GWS). This can be achieved with the following approach:

Suppose you manage the GWS /group_workspaces/jasmin/superproj and you want to share the directory /group_workspaces/jasmin/superproj/mydata with other JASMIN users.

1. Add execute permission for all to the top-level GWS directory. This requires root access so you might need to request that CEDA make this change for you:
$ chmod 775 /group_workspaces/jasmin/superproj
2. Alter the permissions of all sub-directories to remove the execute permission for all users that don't have access to the GWS:
$ find /group_workspaces/jasmin/superproj -type d -exec chmod o-x {} \;
3. Add execute permission on the sub-directory you want to share:
$ chmod o+x /group_workspaces/jasmin/superproj/mydata
NOTE: You may need to change permissions on directories and files within the sub-directory as well. Please consult the chmod man pages (by typing man chmod) for details.
NOTE: if you have a public directory then it needs 755 access if you want it to be visible via the webserver on the server. So you may wish to re-add execute permission on that directory, e.g.:
$ chmod o+x /group_workspaces/jasmin/superproj/public

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