Request a GWS for your project

This article describes the arrangements for requesting a new Group Workspace for your project, including:

  • Documentation of your project's requirements
  • Consultation with your consortium manager
  • Consideration of your application
  • Initial setup
  • Ongoing management of the GWS
  • Alternatives

Documentation of your project's requirements

The scientific lead of a particular project should consider and document realistic requirements for the resources needed by a project, providing the following details as the "case" to justify assigning JASMIN resources to the project. If you are an individual scientist on a larger project, please consult with the scientific lead of the project to ensure that all requirements are captured effectively.

Before requesting a new GWS, please consider whether one or more existing GWSs may provide what you need. See Alternatives, below.

The  manage.jasmin tool is provided to enable members of a project to (jointly) collect and edit this information before submission. Note that it covers other requirements in addition to Group Workspaces, for example resources within the JASMIN Cloud environment(s).

The scientific lead should use this tool to collect information from project members and submit the requirement when ready.

Consultation with your consortium manager

The following "consortia" exist for the JASMIN community, representing science domains and/or particular arrangements to enable the appropriate allocation and management of JASMIN resources. Selecting the most appropriate consortium in the requirements step above ensures that, when submitted, your application is considered by the most relevant consortium manager:

Consortium Description Manager
atpolsci Atmospheric & Polar Science Grenville Lister, University of Reading
director NCAS CMS Director's cross-cutting activities Bryan Lawrence, University of Reading
ecohydro Ecology & Hydrology Mike Brown, CEH
eoclim Earth Observation & Climate Victoria Bennett, CEDA
genomics Genomics TBD
Geology TBD
jwcrp Joint Weather & Climate Research Programme Ag Stephens, CEDA
npg National public good Bryan Lawrence, University of Reading
oceanss Ocean & Shelf Seas Andrew Coward, NOC
semp Solid Earth & Mineral Physics John Brodholt, UCL

Consideration of your application

Once submitted, your application will be considered by the relevant consortium manager who will need to evaluate the request, considering:

  • The overall resources remaining for that consortium
  • Tension against other projects in that science domain
  • Funding arrangements (is the project NERC-funded or have prior agreements been made to support it in other ways)
  • Timescale

The consortium manager should be your point of contact regarding your application. They will liaise with the JASMIN service manager to discuss the feasibility of your application and get back to you with a decision, perhaps after some iteration to agree any changes. This can be done using the manage.jasmin tool.

Initial setup

If approved, your requirement will be made into a GWS "provision" and the nominated GWS manager will be notified by the JASMIN team with details of the new GWS and how to access it.

Ongoing management of the GWS

The GWS manager should familiarise themselves with all the information in the Short term project storage category to ensure they have all the relevant tools at their disposal, and are aware of their responsibilities as a GWS manager.

Changes to the size of a GWS should be discussed initially with the consortium manager, ideally by creating a new "requirement" for that year, under the same project, using the manage.jasmin tool.


In some cases, it may not be possible or appropriate to provide a GWS for certain projects. Your consortium manager should be able to help you look at other options. In some cases, a relevant GWS may already exist, and by discussion with the appropriate manager of that existing GWS, it may be possible for you to make use of that existing GWS without the need to create a new one. There is a certain management overhead associated with ongoing running of GWSs, and the high-performance disk space on which they are provided is an expensive resource, so requests do have to be considered carefully.

The following "generic" Group Workspaces exist for general use by members of these communities and often solve the problem of a small GWS needed by an individual:

In these cases, the relevant consortium manager is usually the manager of the "generic" workspace so can approve applications for access to these workspaces themselves.

Please consult the list of available group workspaces for other options.