Data Transfer: high-performance data transfer access

This article explains about access to high-performance data transfer services. It covers:

  • Applying for the additional "hpxfer" access role
  • Additional information which may be required

Applying for access

Some data transfer services are hosted in the  JASMIN Data Transfer Zone for increased performance. However, to maintain security in this zone, access is controlled via an additional access group "hpxfer". If you have a login account already, you can apply here for this additional role:

Apply for hpxfer access

Additional information required

If you will be connecting from your home institution directly via ssh or ssh-based gridftp to one of the servers in the JASMIN Data Transfer Zone, the specific IP address of your machine will need to be added to an allowed list. Please supply this as part of the application process above.

However, this should not be necessary if you are accessing the server from a remote server which is already allowed. Similarly, if you are using Globus Online, relevant IP addresses have already been allowed.

Inward pulls of data (to JASMIN) are possible by logging in to hpxfer[1,2] via the login servers and pulling data from external data sources. So if you're not sure what IP address to use when applying for access above, it is OK to quote the IP address of, i.e. as a "dummy" value if you will only be accessing them via this route, and not directly from outside.

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