GWS etiquette

This article highlights the essential principles of working in a shared resources such as a group workspace. It covers the following:

  • Sharing information about data in a GWS

Sharing information about data sets in a GWS

It is common for a project or scientist to require access to data sets held on another GWS. In some cases, two projects might be storing the same data set without knowing.

We encourage all GWS owners and users to share information about the data sets they are storing using the following approach. Simply add a text file called dataset_metadata.txt to any directory that you wish to advertise as a "data set". The text file should follow the following format (the only required fields are "Dataset long name" and "Dataset short name"):

# NOTE 1: This information will be made public. 
# It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that it is accurate.
# NOTE 2: Any lines beginning with a "#" character will be ignored.
# NOTE 3: To include multiple lines indent the text by four spaces after the first line.

Dataset long name: Long human-readable name for the data set
Dataset short name: short id using lower case, digits and "_" or "-" characters
Usage conditions/licence: Any useful information about the licence conditions
Description: A detailed description of the dataset - if using multiple lines then indent following lines by 4 spaces.
Contact: SimonHuman
Keywords:  e.g. climate, projections, global
Acknowledgements: e.g. where the data came from

# For dates please use either "YYYY-MM-DD" format or "PRESENT"
Data start date: 1999-01-01
Data end date: 2015-08-24

# For longitudes and latitudes please just provide two numbers separated by whitespace
West-east extent: -180.0 180.0
North-south extent: 90.0 -90.0

Keeping informed

Please maintain contact throughout the life of the GWS via the following channels:

If you are aware that a user who has access to your GWS leaves your project or, for whatever reason, no longer needs to be a member of the GWS, please let the CEDA helpdesk know, as arrangements may need to be made to transfer the ownership of files and/or directories to another member of the GWS (e.g. the manager) to ensure continued access to the data.

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