GWS etiquette

This article highlights the essential principles of working with group workspaces.

Keeping informed

Please maintain contact throughout the life of the GWS via the following channels:

  • Using the JASMIN dashboard to check on the status of your GWS (used versus available space).
  • Email alerts from the system when the GWS reaches >83% full
  • Email from the CEDA/JASMIN team
  • News articles on the CEDA or JASMIN websites and by monitoring CEDA social media feeds which may be used to post messages regarding system status or security.

If you are aware that a user who has access to your GWS leaves your project, or, for whatever reason, no longer needs to be a member of the GWS, please let the CEDA helpdesk know, as arrangements may need to be made to transfer the ownership of files and/or directories to another member of the GWS (e.g. the manager) to ensure continued access to the data.

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