Data Transfer Tools

This article lists the data transfer tools available on JASMIN and provides links to articles that describe them in more detail.

Data Transfer tools

The are many tools that you can use for transferring data to/from JASMIN. See the articles linked below for more details.

Tool Info
A basic transfer tool that works over the SSH protocol. Similar to "cp" but copies between remote servers.
rsync (over SSH)
Like scp but slightly more sophisticated. Allows synchronisation between remote directory trees.
SSH FTP - works over SSH.
A command-line tool that allows the user to specify parallel transfer over multiple streams, using SSH authentication.
GridFTP (over SSH)   A comprehensive data transfer tool. Highly configurable and able to transfer over multiple parallel streams. Used over SSH in this case.
GridFTP (certificate-based)
As above, but using certificate-based authentication instead of SSH credentials. Efficient for moving large volumes and/or numbers of files, especially over long distances.
Globus Online
Managed service for GridFTP, includes capability to orchestrate transfers between third-party hosts and receive notifications of job status. Has web and command-line interfaces.  Efficient for moving large volumes and/or numbers of files, especially over long distances.
File Transfer Protocol. An aged transfer protocol suitable for small file transfers but limited.
Parallel-capable FTP client.
wget, curl Download tools for accessing resources over HTTP primarily.
See also sharing GWS data via http for exposing part(s) of a Group Workspace via HTTP to users without JASMIN accounts.
Python transfer tools Methods of managing/scripting data transfer tasks using Python. You can use libraries such as requests in a Python 3 virtual environment on the transfer servers.
MASS-client (Met Office)
A specific command-line tool installed on the server on JASMIN. Enables extractions from the Met Office MASS Archive directly on to
OPeNDAP A transfer protocol for extracting subsets of files from a remote server (over HTTP)
A parallel transfer tool (specific to JASMIN) that uses the LOTUS batch cluster to copy data efficiently between disk areas within JASMIN.
A 3rd party, open-source command-line utility which can interface to, and synchronise data between, a wide variety of cloud and other storage backends, such as Google Drive and AWS S3 compatible object stores. It can also sync data over SSH.
This utility is not installed on JASMIN but is well-documented and trivial for users to download* and configure themselves (this should be done on one of the data transfer servers).
[*Please see here for further details: do not attempt to follow the default install instructions directly on JASMIN, as you do not have root or sudo privileges. Also, there are some limitations on how you should use it on JASMIN.]

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