Apply for access to a GWS

This article explains how to apply for access to a GWS from the JASMIN account portal. There is a video tutorial at  Accessing a group workspace

Step 1: Sign in into your JASMIN accounts portal. Navigate to the JASMIN services tab of the portal then select the group workspaces from  "Discover services" menu. You can search or browse a list of available GWSs. For example here the search for  GWS with name containing CEDA, resulted in two GWSs.

Step 2: Select the GWS you are interested in and provide supporting information. In the following example, the GWS cedaproc was selected.

Step 3: Your request to join a GWS is pending for approval

Step 4: You will receive a notification of the outcome of your application. For example, the request to join an existing GWS cedaproc  was granted and details of this service such as status and expiry date are displayed below

Step 5: Every time a notification is acknowledged the counter is reset or decremented.

Finally, you can view all the services that you currently have access to or have requested access for under 'My Services'

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