Running python on JASMIN

On the JASMIN analysis machines and on Lotus, we support Python2.7 and Python3.7 through Jaspy.

When you log in, the default version of Python is 2.7.5, which is used by the operating system. If you require any packages other than the standard Python library then you should use the Jaspy environments. In this example, we activate the Python3.7 Jaspy environment before running python.

$ module load jaspy/3.7

To run a python script you can then run:

$ python

If you want to use an executable script (which can be invoked just by name), then the recommended line to put at the top of the script would be:

#!/usr/bin/env python

after which you should set "write" permission, and then you can run it without the "python " prefix:

$ chmod 755
$ ./

Please note that the scientific software is not provided on the login nodes. You first need to ssh to one of the "sci" analysis machines. For example:

$ ssh -X jasmin-sci2
$ module load jaspy/3.7
$ python
>>> import numpy

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