How to use the JASMIN Cloud Portal

This article is dedicated to tenancy administrators who are responsible on provisioning virtual machines in the JASMIN unmanaged cloud service. It covers the following:

  • How to create a VM
  • How to configure networking 

How to create a VM

JASMIN unmanaged cloud service provides a Centos and Ubuntu template machines with one core (CPU), 2GB of memory and a 32GB hard disk. 

Once logged into the JASMIN cloud portal, a tenant administrator can create a VM from a catalogues of deployed template by following these steps:

Step 1: On the machine pages for your tenancy, click the "New machine" button

Step 2: then you will be on the catalogue page where the template catalogue displays two currently available deployment of a Centos and Ubuntu virtual machine. Choose one machine by clicking on the "use template" button 

Step 3: You need to provision the machine by entering a name to "Machine name"  field and ticking the networking box. Description of the created virtual machine can be provided in the "Description" field (This is optional). Click on the "Provision machine" button to create VM

Step 4: After successful provision of a VM you need to power on the VM by clicking on the "power on" button. 

Finally, the available machines in this tenancy  are three and the tenant administrator "fchami" has provisioned two virtual  machines.

Note:  It is possible to take a running virtual machine and create a template from it that can then be used to provision new machines. Please see the following article 

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