Software on JASMIN

JASMIN is a large platform where a range of software tools, packages and environments are available. Many users employ software already installed on JASMIN whilst some need to install their own tools for a particular purpose.

This page provides an overview of the software on JASMIN. It links to further information about a range of tools and environments. 
To help get you started, these have been split into categories:
  • Software available to all on JASMIN analysis/batch servers
  • Additional tools for compiling and building software
  • Restricted software
  • Server-specific software
  • Data movement software

Which software should I use?

There are a lot of different options when you are trying to work out which tools and/or environments to use on JASMIN. Here are some quick questions to help you get started:

1. Do you want to use NAME, JULES, MOOSE or the NAG libraries?
2. Do you want a workflow management tool or a graphical Linux desktop?
3. Do you want tools for transferring data or migrating it to/from tape?
4. If you need anything else:

Software available to all on JASMIN analysis/batch servers

Data analysis and visualisation tools

If you are looking for software packages and environments that allow you to analyse, process and visualise data then take a look at these options:

  • Jaspy software environments (Python, R and other tools)
  • The "jasmin-sci" software environment (packages not provided by Jaspy)
  • Additional packages (provided under: "/apps/jasmin")
  • IDL (and MIDL)
  • Creating your own software environments

NOTE: If you are using Matplotlib to visualise data please refer to the advice on our Matplotlib help page.

Jaspy Software Environments (Python, R and other tools)

Jaspy is a toolkit for managing and deploying Conda environments that include both Python and non-Python packages. Jaspy environments, along with the "jasmin-sci" environment (see below), provide the main software on the scientific analysis servers and LOTUS cluster on JASMIN. Details of the Jaspy environments and packages are available on the Jaspy page.

The "jasmin-sci" Software Environment

The "jasmin-sci" software environment is intended as a supplement to Jaspy (see above). It contains extra software packages for use with scientific data analysis which, for various reasons, are not provided as part of Jaspy itself.  Details of this environment are provided on the  "jasmin-sci" software page.

Additional packages

A number of additional packages are available under the "/apps/jasmin/" directory scientific analysis servers and LOTUS cluster. Details of these packages are provided on the additional sofware packages page.

IDL (and MIDL)

IDL stands for Interactive Data Language. It is a licensed data manipulation toolkit made available on JASMIN. IDL and MIDL are available on the JASMIN scientific analysis servers and LOTUS cluster. Details of these packages are provided on the IDL and MIDL page.

Creating your own software environments

If you intend to create your own software environments then please take a look at the following pages:

Restricted software

Server-specific software

Workflow Management with Rose and Cylc

Rose and Cylc provide a suite of tools available for managing sophisticated multi-step workflows. See full details on the  Rose and Cylc page.

Graphical Linux desktop access using NoMachine NX

NoMachine NX is a tool that allows users to run a virtual graphical Linux desktop on JASMIN. See details on the NX page.

Data movement software

Data transfer 

There are numerous tools for transferring data to/from JASMIN. Please consult the Data Transfer Tools page for details.

Data migration (disk, tape, object store etc): Joint-storage Data Migration App (JDMA)

The Joint-storage Data Migration App, or JDMA, is a flexible tool for managing large migrations of data between a range of storage media. On JASMIN, it can be used for migrating data to/from tape, disk and object-store. See more details on the JDMA page.

Still have a question?

Please consult the JASMIN software FAQs.

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