How to apply for MASS access


To access data held in the Met Office MASS archive, you will need:

  • a sponsor
  • access to the mass-cli1 client machine
  • a MASS account

Your sponsor will need to be a Senior Met Office Scientist with whom you are working on a collaborative research project. If you are a Met Office employee, your sponsor will be your manager.

Note: The following instructions also assume you already have a JASMIN login account and the jasmin-login service. If you do not, please follow steps 1-4 here.

Step One - Sponsor Form

Ask your sponsor to:

  1. Complete the sponsor form

Please note that the link above is only visible to those in the Met Office.

The following information will be asked for, so please provide your sponsor with any details they may not have:

  • Your full name
  • Your official email address
  • Your organization's name
  • Your department name
  • The host country of your organization
  • A list of MASS projects and/or data sets that you need access to. A full MOOSE dataset path is required, and your sponsor should help you determine this.
  • Your JASMIN username
  • Your JASMIN user ID number (UID). You can get this by typing echo $UID at the terminal on any JASMIN machine.

The information you provide to the Met Office will be treated in accordance with the Met Office Privacy Policy, and your use of the service will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use for the service.

Step Two - Access to mass-cli1

  1. Sign into your JASMIN account
  2. Select ‘JASMIN Services’
  3. Select ‘Additional Services’
  4. Next to ‘mass’ click ‘More information’ 
  5. Select ‘Apply for access’
  6. Within the request, please name your sponsor

The direct link is:

Step Three - MASS account

When steps one and two are complete, you will be provided with a specific MASS account to use on JASMIN and emailed a MOOSE credentials file. Please see Setting up your JASMIN account for access to MASS once you have received the credentials file.

Note: If you have access to MASS on other systems you cannot copy those MOOSE credentials file/s onto JASMIN – they will not work! Please also see the External Users’ MOOSE Guide for what MOOSE commands are available on JASMIN.

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