Getting started for access to the Met Office MASS archive from JASMIN


In order to access data held in the Met Office MASS archive, you will need both:

  • access to the mass-cli1 client machine on JASMIN (provided by the JASMIN team)
  • a MASS account (provided by the Met Office)

This means you have to undertake two different registration processes, so allow a couple of working days to get yourself set up.

You also need to identify a Met Office Senior Scientist to act as your sponsor. 

  • For Met Office employees, this should be your manager.
  •  For everyone else, the sponsor will need to be a Senior Met Office Scientist with whom you are working on a collaborative research project.

Steps you need to take

Apply for a JASMIN-specific MASS account from the Met Office
Apply for access to the mass-cli1 client machine from CEDA
Set up your JASMIN account for access to MASS