Data transfer overview

This article introduces the topic of data transfer to/from JASMIN. It covers:

  • an introduction to Data Transfer on JASMIN
  • transfers to/from JASMIN
  • JASMIN transfer servers
  • improving your transfer rates

Introduction to Data Transfer on JASMIN

As a JASMIN user you are very likely to be involved in data transfer. You might need to copy data files/directories from JASMIN to remote sites (such as your own PC, MONSooN or ARCHER2) or bring new data on to JASMIN. These data transfer articles explain how to use the basic  transfer tools such as rsync and scp as well as more sophisticated methods such as GridFTP. They also cover which transfer services and servers are available to JASMIN users.

For many users, moving small amounts of data over short distances, the basic tools will meet their requirements. However, data transfer is a complicated topic so we also provide articles about how you can improve your transfer rates to make the most of the available bandwidth. We include details about transfers over connections to specific sites (such as the Met Office). Advice is also provided about automating and scheduling data transfers, along with tips for different transfer workflows.

Transfers to/from JASMIN

1. Transfers initiated from JASMIN

When initiating a transfer from a transfer server on JASMIN you would usually start by logging on to the server (via SSH). Once you are logged in you can initiate a connection to the outside world in order to push/pull the data you require. 

2. Transfers initiated from elsewhere

When initiating a transfer from elsewhere you will transfer data files to/from a source machine (which may be inside or outside JASMIN) to the transfer server.

Transfer directories

You will typically transfer data to/from a Group Workspace that you have been granted access to. If you are copying data from JASMIN you might want to copy data from the CEDA archive (mounted on JASMIN) to a remote site. You might also wish to copy small volumes of data to/from your $HOME directory. All of these locations are available on the transfer servers.

JASMIN Transfer servers

JASMIN provides specific  servers for managing data transfers. Please read about the different servers available for particular data transfer needs, and about the various data transfer tools available.

Improving your transfer rates

If you are keen on  improving your transfer rates we recommend taking time to understand the  JASMIN external connections to the wider network. Note that some users will need to apply for access to the high-performance data transfer servers in order to achieve the best performance.

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