Interactive computing overview

This article introduces the resources on JASMIN available for interactive computing (as opposed to batch computing). It covers:

  • Login servers
  • Scientific Analysis servers
  • Data Transfer Servers
  • Project Specific Servers

Login Severs

The login (also known as gateway or bastion) servers provide external* users with access to services inside of JASMIN.

*external = outside of the STFC/RAL firewall. 

Scientific Analysis Servers

The scientific analysis servers are the main resource for most users' everyday work. They have a standardised software environment and are ideal for development and testing of processing tasks which can then be submitted to the LOTUS batch processing cluster for larger processing runs.

Data Transfer Servers

General data transfer servers are provided for simple or smaller data transfer tasks. For larger data flows or where high performance is required, more sophisticated tools and services are available. Please read the guides in consult the data transfer category for more details.

Project-Specific Servers

In some cases, project requirements are not met by the general resources provided above and project-specific servers can be provided, although in many cases, a tenancy in the JASMIN Cloud may provide what's needed.

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