JASMIN live status

This article explains how to monitor the status JASMIN services using the Jasmin dashboard utility. It covers:

  • What is JASMIN dashboard?
  • How to identify downtimes or system maintenance call 
  • JASMIN services status

JASMIN dashboard 

JASMIN dashboard is a web front end interface to the monitoring system of JASMIN services. The link to the JASMIN live monitoring utility is Jasmin Dashboard. For example at this given date and time June 20 at 14:20, the total number of jobs running on LOTUS was 3.29 k (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Screenshot of the JASMIN dashboard "Home" page 


"JASMIN Planned Downtimes" is updated on the JASMIN dashboard home page (Figure 1). The down time period, its  criticality and affected services are displayed in the "JASMIN Planned Downtimes" table with additional comments on the column "Text" of this  table.

For example at the time of this screenshot (Figure 1), the down time was scheduled on Wednesday 22-JUN-2016 from 9 am to 9:30am. This affected the JASMIN scientific analysis servers.

JASMIN services status

JASMIN services such as the high performance data processing cluster LOTUS, the group workspaces volumes and project specific servers (VMs) are live monitored. Each of these services has their appropriate metric parameters and it will be discussed further in the corresponding documentation.

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