Login servers

This article explains:

  • How to use the login (bastion or gateway) servers to access resources within JASMIN
  • Available login servers 
  • Features of login servers

Logging On

If you are logging in from a site outside of the RAL firewall then you need to make an initial hop onto a login gateway (see Table 1). This is to maintain security on a limited number of outward-facing gateway machines.  The login gateway servers are designed for accessing other servers in JASMIN/CEMS from outside the RAL firewall.  

So for example if you had a JASMIN User account you would logon to jasmin-login1.ceda.ac.uk  from a  SHELL terminal  by typing: 

$ ssh -A <user_id>@jasmin-login1.ceda.ac.uk

where  <user_id> is your JASMIN user ID.

The  -A argument of SSH will enable forwarding of the authentication agent connection so that the ssh-agent session is available to the intermediate server. This means once you logon to one the login machines you can move to other machines on JASMIN without re-entering your authentication details.  For example, when moving from jasmin-login1.ceda.ac.uk to jasmin-sci1.ceda.ac.uk

NOTE: The ssh-agent session will persist until killed or until system shutdown, even if you close the terminal in which you set it up.

Login servers 

There are two login (bastion or gateway) servers available to access resources within JASMIN. Users with  jasmin-login can access the following servers using SSH

Login servers name 


If you require more detailed instructions on how to log in from different types of computer refer to  the getting started category

Features of login servers

Login servers have minimal resources and software installed.  They provide:

  • Access to user home directories (/home/users/).
  • Access over SSH to other hosts inside the RAL firewall.
  • No analysis software is installed on the login servers.

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