Get Started with JASMIN

This article explains the steps involved for most scientific end-users to gain access to the JASMIN environment.

The JASMIN scientific data analysis environment is administered by CEDA and supports a wide variety of scientific workflows across environmental science domains. 

Access to JASMIN services is controlled by the JASMIN Accounts Portal. You must first register on the JASMIN Accounts Portal. Using the JASMIN Accounts portal, you will then need to make a request to access JASMIN services and privileges you require,  for example requesting login access to JASMIN machines. Some of these services will require approval by individuals external to the CEDA/JASMIN team.

Note: Please note that registering on the JASMIN accounts portal does not by itself provide you with any access to JASMIN machines or services.

Essential steps to get started with JASMIN  

The steps listed in Table 1. (below) are required for scientific end-users to gain ssh access to the JASMIN login machines which are the "front door" for most users. Other services are available once these basic steps have been completed.

Table 1. Steps involved for a scientific end-user to gain login access to JASMIN. An overview of JASMIN compute & storage components are summarized in the presentation given at the JASMIN workshop

Step Details Comments
1 Generate an SSH key Create this locally, ready to upload it to your JASMIN account profile in Step 2
2 Get a JASMIN portal account This will give you access to the  JASMIN accounts portal where you can apply for further services. See Getting started with JASMIN Webinar - section 2
3 Check network details Check details of your network connection to JASMIN
4 Request ssh login access to JASMIN Your account so far is just a profile on the accounts portal but has no privileges. If you intend to use JASMIN computing resources you need to apply for the "jasmin-login" service, which will allow you to connect to JASMIN machines using ssh. See Getting started with JASMIN Webinar - section 2
5 Apply for access to additional services on JASMIN Examples:  
Apply for access to a Group Workspace
See Getting started with JASMIN Webinar- section 4
6 How to login Tutorial 1: Accessing JASMIN 
Tutorial 2: Copy data to JASMIN to share with collaborators
Tutorial 3: Processing on JASMIN scientific analysis servers
Webinar slides and video recording See Getting started with JASMIN Webinar- section 3
Get a CEDA account  The CEDA Data Archive is available via JASMIN, but many datasets and other services require specific agreements, managed via your CEDA account.
8 Link your JASMIN and CEDA accounts
This is a step that you will be guided through in the JASMIN account portal.

In most cases, users will "belong" to a particular scientific project which may already have a presence on JASMIN, often in the form of a Group Workspace. Users are encouraged to read further about JASMIN, and/or to discuss with scientific colleagues to gain an understanding of the resources available before applying.