MobaXterm (Windows terminal client)

Windows users are strongly recommended to connect to JASMIN using the freely available MobaXterm  This article provides information about:

  • Downloading and installing MobaXterm
  • Basic usage
  • Additional features

Downloading and installing MobaXterm

Download the free Home edition of  MobaXterm. Once installed you can run it to get a local Linux-like terminal. MobaXterm provides terminal for Windows with X11 support (graphics) and a multi-tab view (see figure 1).

Figure 1. The MobaXterm front page with screenshot and download link.

Warning: Mobaxterm does not correctly at version 12.2 when connecting to JASMIN. Earlier (<=12.1) or later (>=12.3) versions have been tested and work correctly.

Basic usage

In its simplest form, MobaXterm provides an application that allows you to open multiple tabbed shell terminals on the local and/or remote machine. Figure 2 shows an example tab logged into a JASMIN server.

Figure 2. A MobaXterm terminal logged into JASMIN.

Additional features

MobaXterm is a comprehensive application that enables many useful features such as:

  • Saved session configurations
  • X-forwarding
  • SSH agent forwarding
  • SFTP access (with graphical drag-n-drop)
  • Split-tab mode
  • SSH tunnelling
  • Basic Linux commands such as: cd, ls, pwd, cat
  • Command-line transfer utilities: scp, rsync, wget

Please see the  MobaXterm documentation for details on these.

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