MobaXterm (Windows terminal client)

Windows users are strongly recommended to connect to JASMIN using the freely available MobaXterm  This article provides information about:

  • Downloading and installing MobaXterm
  • Basic usage
  • Additional features

Downloading and installing MobaXterm

Download the free Home edition of  MobaXterm. Once installed you can run it to get a local Linux-like terminal. MobaXterm provides terminal for Windows with X11 support (graphics) and a multi-tab view (see figure 1).

Figure 1. The MobaXterm front page with screenshot and download link.

Basic usage

In its simplest form MobaXterm provides an application that allows you to open multiple tabbed shell terminals on the local and/or remote machine. Figure 2 shows an example tab logged into a JASMIN server.

Figure 2. A MobaXterm terminal logged into JASMIN.

Additional features

MobaXterm is a comprehensive application that enables many useful features such as:

  • Saved session configurations
  • X-forwarding
  • SSH agent forwarding
  • SFTP access (with graphical drag-n-drop)
  • Split-tab mode
  • SSH tunnelling
  • Basic Linux commands such as: cd, ls, pwd, cat
  • Command-line transfer utilities: scp, rsync, wget

Please see the  MobaXterm documentation for details on these.

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