Project-specific servers

This article introduces the project specific servers. It covers:

  • Available project-specific servers
  • Access request to current servers 
  • New servers request 

What is a project-specific server?

JASMIN also enables projects to be provided with dedicated  servers machines which can be built with specific software required by the project, or where access needs to be restricted to members of a project or institution. 

Get Access 

On the JASMIN accounts portal, you can apply for access to existing Project VMs. 

Step 1: Select Project VMs from the Discover Services menu on the left 

Step 2: You can either browse the page listing or do a search on the Project VMs. For example here using CEDA as a keyword search and to apply for access to CEDA_scisup, click apply or look into More information 

Project-specific servers on JASMIN/CEMS

New project specific servers can be requested by contacting the CEDA Helpdesk directly.  The helpdesk will respond by sending you a questionnaire so we can assess your specific project needs, however you are encouraged to check the list of existing Project VMs to check that a suitable resource does not already exist.

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