Get a login account

This article explains how to apply for access to the shared JASMIN servers. There is a video tutorial available on Access login server 

Get a login account

A user with a ` jasmin -login` account is allocated a HOME directory of 100GB and can access the shared JASMIN servers (Scientific servers, data transfer servers, and  LOTUS). Sign in into your JASMIN accounts portal where you can apply for a JASMIN login account representing the JASMIN access role appropriate to your affiliation. 

Step 1: Select Login services and navigate to the 'More information' on  this service 

Step 2: Apply for access to jasmin-login service 

Step 3: Provide supporting information 

Step 4: Your request is pending for approval

Step 4: Upon approval, a notification email is sent to you. Additionally, a notification counter in the bell will appear on the top left corner of the menu bar on your JASMIN account portal page. You have now access to the login server and to the scientific servers

Under 'My Services' you can view all the services that you currently have access to or have requested access for.  Note: Every time a notification is acknowledged the counter is reset or decremented.

Now you can proceed to How to login

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