GWS Scanner

CEDA runs an approximately fortnightly check of the contents of all GWSs. As a GWS Manager you will receive e-mails summarising the usage and contents of the GWS. By default this is a simple volume level summary of the GWS.  

If you wish for additional directories to be scanned and summarised please add these to the /group_workspaces/{GWS}/.gws_scanner/summary_dirs, where {GWS} is your group workspace path. Here is an example of a summary_dirs file.

# need to have summary of all test3 dirs

The full paths are listed. Note comments can be added with # at the start of the line. If the path ends in a * then all the directories are added to the list to summarise.

Adding a path to /group_workspaces/{GWS}/.gws_scanner/skip_dirs explicitly excludes directories from the scan. for example:


When the scan runs it sends the output to the GWS manager as an email, which looks like this: 

Dear JASMIN/CEMS Group Workspace Manager,

This message provides you with details of your JASMIN/CEMS Group Workspace (GWS) usage.

It consists of the following sections: 

 1. GWS Usage Overview 

 2. Sub-directory details (From {GWS}/.gws_scanner/summary_dirs) 

 3. Details of extra directories you requested to be scanned (if any) 

 4. A list of any new files under the "public" directory    that may contain content requiring review

If you believe that any part of this message is incorrect or you would like to add to the list of extra directories to be scanned 
please contact the CEDA Helpdesk at:


The CEDA Team

Group Workspace Report for: /group_workspaces/cems/nrt_ecmwf_metop
 1. GWS Usage Overview
GWS location:  /group_workspaces/cems/nrt_ecmwf_metop
Mount point:   panfs//
Total size:    6835937500  (5696614583.3)*
Used:          4048752880  (3373960733.3)*
Free:          2787184620  (2322653850.0)*
% Usage:      60%

* The figure in brackets is the estimated "actual" value of available space. 
The first figure is the "raw" space (which cannot all be accessed on the 
PANASAS file system). 

NOTE: These figures are in Terabytes measured as powers of 10 where 1 Gigabyte
is equal to 10**9.

 2. Sub-directory details
List of directories to show summary stats for, as defined in:
This file can be edited by the GWS manager and should include a list
of directories for which a summary will be reported. The 1st line
should be the highest common level dir to start (i.e. not necessarily
the GWS top level). The full absolute path must be used. To include
a summary of all sub-dirs in a dir, '/*' may be used at then end.
eg. /group_workspaces/{GWS}/mydir/*
(But no more specific wildcard are interpreted.)

['/group_workspaces/cems/nrt_ecmwf_metop', '/group_workspaces/cems/nrt_ecmwf_metop/test1', '/group_workspaces/cems/nrt_ecmwf_metop/test2', 'Skipped folders:', '/group_workspaces/cems/nrt_ecmwf_metop/test2/out']

 3. Details of extra directories you requested to be scanned (if any)

Size(scaled) :  Size(bytes) : Nfiles :  Ndirs : Nlinks : NBlinks : MaxPerDir : Dir
204.0 bytes:             204:       2:       0:       1:       1:       4: test1
102.0 bytes:             102:       0:       0:       0:       0:       1: test2
  1.5 KiB:            1532:       7:       6:       1:       1:       5: 

 4. A list of any files under the "public" directory to be reviewed

Any files listed here are located under the "public" directory. Since 
these files could potentially be visible over the web CEDA staff will 
periodically review the content of these directories to ensure that 
any content is appropriate and does not contravene STFC policies.



Additionally a /group_workspaces/{GWS}/.gws_scanner/lastlog file will contain more details of the scan.

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