How to apply for a JASMIN-specific Met Office MASS account

Can I use my existing MASS account?

No. You need a separate MASS account for use on the Met Office internal network (CDN), MONSooN, and JASMIN. With these different account types you can have permission to access different datasets specific to these computing environments.

What information do I need to provide?

The Met Office need to know some information about you, and the data you would like to access.

Your Met Office sponsor will need to provide the following information to the Met Office Collaboration Service Manager through use of the application for access to MASS from JASMIN webform (only visible inside the Met Office), who will then arrange for your MASS account to be created:

    1. Your full name
    2. Your official telephone number
    3. Your official email address
    4. Your sponsor's full name (a Senior Met Office Scientist)
    5. Your sponsor's email address
    6. Your sponsor's telephone number
    7. Your organization's name
    8. Your department name (optional)
    9. Host country of your organization
    10. A list of MASS projects and/or data sets that you need access to. ( A full MOOSE URI path is required, your sponsor will help you determine this.)
    11. Any application comment (optional)
    12. Your JASMIN system user name
    13. Your JASMIN user id number (UID)

    Note: your username and user id number (UID) can be found by using the Linux "id" command, e.g.

[jasmin-login1]$ id  
uid=26XXX( *<username>*) gid=26XXX(users) groups=26XXX(users),26XXX(open)

If you are not an existing JASMIN user

The JASMIN account details are required for your account to work, the Met Office like to know a bit about you first before approving your access to the MASS client machine.

You should:

  1. provide 1-11 above to your sponsor, and apply for a JASMIN account as per this page
  2. once you have 12 and 13 above, email the Collaboration Service Manager ( your JASMIN user name and id number.

Your information

The information you provide to the Met Office will be treated in accordance with the Met Office Privacy Policy, and your use of the service will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use for the service.

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