NEODC archive

The role of the NEODC is to assist UK EO science researchers to locate, access and interpret EO data and to ensure the long-term integrity of EO data produced by NERC projects. Read More

Datasets available from /NEODC archive  include: satellite data, derived satellite products, aircraft data (NERC ARSF), digital elevation data (NEXTMap).

Direct access through JASMIN

Once you are in the  /neodc  archive you can list the data using the ls command, for example

$ cd /neodc
$ ls

Archive access groups

 archive access control groups: esacat1 ecmwf ukmo open eurosat byacl cmip5_research ukmo_wx ukmo_clim gws_specs

open group everyone has.  
byacl noone has this group.

Table with groups.

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