Workflow Management with Rose and Cylc

This page provides is an overview of Met Office tools (Rose, Cylc and FCM) that are installed on JASMIN for running and managing suites on the LOTUS cluster.

The tools are installed under the following common directory which is visible on all LOTUS nodes:


Jobs must be scheduled from the JASMIN server:

All users with a JASMIN/CEMS login account can login to this server.

Access to the Met Office Science Repository Service has also been setup, see:

Following these instructions will give you access to Rose, Cylc & FCM.

Note that no GUIs are supported on JASMIN.

“cylc monitor” can be used for monitoring the progress of suites and the other cylc command line tools can be used to interact with suites where necessary.

This is an example of what to put in your suite.rc file to get tasks to run on LOTUS (using the Platform LSF submission tool):

        [[[job submission]]]
            method = lsf
            -q = short-serial
            -W = 00:10
            -n = 1

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